An unnamed private detective, captive of his memories, arrives in Gran Canaria to meet a mysterious and peculiar client who entrusts him with the search for a missing person on the remote island of El Hierro. A small detail complicates the work: the event took place sixty-six years ago. From that moment on, the investigation forms a puzzle of seemingly unrelated pieces: spies of the Second World War, Nazi submarines, hidden treasures, illegal dumps, insular "caciquismo", amoral characters, latent love, half-truths and death will converge in an unexpected ending .


The novel has been awarded with the XXII International Crime Novel Award Ciudad de Getafe in 2018.

Cuentakilómetros, Saúl Cepeda Lezcano, RBA, Premio, Eurostars



A nameless traveler seems to run from something and gets to Mexico. With an unknown past and an uncertain future, only the present works for him in a visit to the country of the unexpected, where the protagonist turns out to be every place and reality, the most convincing of fictions. A journey through its geography starts here, describing the strangest and unique events that take place in the different areas where he steps on, chapter after chapter, mile by mile.


Cuentakilómetros is torn between novel and travel book and takes us to an unusual reality which is close to the Latin American magical realism. A skilful structure made up of brief chapters that work out in an almost autonomous way, giving shape to a story in which the intrigue is excellently provided to finish with an unexpected plot twist. It turns the concept of the travel narrative up a notch.

Aforo completo, novela, libro, Madrid Arena, Saul Cepeda Lezcano



The novel begins forty-eight hours before the New Year's Eve party that is going to take place at the most important nightclub in an anonymus capital, when a serious unforeseen event arises. The owner of the club decides to go ahead with the event and in the meantime a chorus of characters as grotesque as realists scroll the pages, showing the meanest side of a business nearby and unknown.

Inspired by personal and professional experiences of their own, the narration of Saúl Cepeda Lezcano reveals the reprehensible scenes that frequently take place in the nightlife world: police and political corruption, tax fraud, money laundering, ticket saling on minors, drugs, sex, death and unlimited ambition.

Previsto, Novela, Premio, José María de Pereda, Saul Cepeda Lezcano


Magnus Nihil, an eccentric Swiss watchmaker, implements an ancestral family tradition, synchronizing all the automatisms of his workshop. After that Perfect Second, Nihil starts an extraordinary journey towards perfection, in whose sequence he finds peculiar characters and the certainty of an inscrutable present.


In Texas, Jack Soak, a social misfit, works as a demolition operator. After surviving a tornado, events rush and Jack go engulfed in chaotic situations that will take him to the edge of the world to face a vital cataclysm.


Randomness, obsession and fantasy, through divergent paths… In part reality, partly fiction.


The novel Previsto received the Prize José María de Pereda, the main award of the Cantabrian literature, awarded by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria.

Delitos para llevar, relatos, Saul Cepeda Lezcano, cuentos, serie negra, viajar


Eighteen incidents of a brief title compose a book that shows the disturbing fragility of honesty and the blurred profile of the crime. As the public prosecutor Quim Soldevila recalls in his prologue: "Legal doctrine makes it clear that the person is punished for what that he does, not for what he is. Thought is not punishable”.



The official book of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in order to disseminate the importance of these plants in the nutritional, gastronomic, environmental, agricultural and food security fields, exposing the factors that make these seeds a fundamental part of the objectives of Zero Hunger in which the international organism works.

Its publication concurred with the International Year of Pulses, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The text -written by Luis Cepeda and Saúl Cepeda- is published in six languages ​​(Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, English and Russian) and distributed in 194 countries, with the editorial coordination of FAO and a graphic display in which 10 international photographers of recognized prestige and renowned illustrators participated.


The text includes a multicultural group of ten chefs specialized in pulses, as Pulsekeepers of the world, to represent the International Year of Pulses in their geographical areas of influence. They are Ricardo Muñoz Zurita (Mexico), Helena Rizzo (Brazil), Moha Fedal (Morocco), Ron Pickarski (United States), Abraham García (Spain), Didem Şenol (Turkey), Zubaida Tariq, Sanjeev Kapoor (India) and She Zengtai (China), whose testimonies and recipes are a substantial part of the work.