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Saul Cepeda Lezcano

(Irún, 1976) Journalist, politologist and lawyer. Cook in the Balkans Wars, creative in a multinational tobacco company; ghostwriter, nightclub manager, university agitator, environmental activist, inventor of watches, gourmand and correspondent (with his name or different pseudonyms) in the magazines Rolling Stone and Sobremesa. Those activities has taken him to more than one hundred countries, such as Namibia, Malta, Mexico, Nauru or Taiwan. In 1998 he was the youngest finalist in the history of the Antonio Machado Short Story Prize. He is the author of the book Delitos para llevar (Eba, 2012) and the novels Previsto (Estvdio, 2013) —awarded with the XVI edition of the José María de Pereda Prize—, Aforo Completo (Tropo Editores, 2015), Cuentakilómetros (RBA, 2017) —prizewinnig of the XIII Eurostars Travel Narrative Award—, Agua (EDAF, 2018), awarded with the XXII Ciudad de Getafe Noir Novel Prize and Antropófago (CajaCanarias, 2021), awarded with the XXXVII Benito Pérez Armas Novel Prize. He is also co-author of the essays Pulses, nutritious seeds for a sustainable future (FAO, 2016) and Justicia a escena: ¡Acción! (Colex, 2019). 

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